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Refrain from travelling or visiting us if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus Covid-19 and if you are in the shielding group to help us stop the spread.  If you have any of these symptoms please do not travel or visit:

.  Fever  . Cough  .  Shortness of Breath .  Sore Throat  .  Headache  .  Muscle Pain  .  New loss of taste of smell .  Chills  .  Thank You


Please pay attention to our rules around the site and adhere to them.

  • Catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue and bin immediately.  If you haven't a tissue to hand use the crook of your elbow.Where possible stay in your household group and keep our social distancing rules at all times.

  • Wash your hands regularly and especially after touching common touch areas.  Regular hand hygiene is good practice and reduces the risk of transmission.

  • Exercise caution in large groups and always keep the social distancing measures.  

  • Indoors in our communal areas please use a face mask/face covering.

  • Stay in accommodation with those that are in your bubble or from the same household.

Camp Rules and Courtesies

The main thing is we want everyone to have fun and have an enjoyable experience. We feel the rules and courtesies below will help achieve this.

Whilst we allow large groups on our glamping site we must ensure they are well behaved and like all our other glampers expect them to adhere to our Terms and Conditions. The person booking for a large group must ensure all glampers in their group have read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Please take a minute to read the information below!

Please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone (01236 735464) or by email ( with any queries or any further information you may need to make your holiday special.

Main Building

The lodge will be closed between 11pm and 7am. During the closure of the main building/communal area there are toilets and showers accessible from outside. One at the front and one at the back (this one being disabled too).


Payment is required in full at time of booking. We do not accept provisional bookings so please do not make a booking unless you are in a position to honour it. Please contact us with any queries or if you prefer to make a telephone booking rather than by email.  You will have up to 14 days from date of booking to receive a refund with an admin charge of £10 each accommodation booked.

Glamping Cancellation or No-Show

In the event of cancellation or no-show we do not offer any (full or partial) refund.  However, if more than 7 days notice is given, we may at the discretion of the company offer an alternative date suitable to you only if we have the availability to do so.  

Travel Insurance

We strongly advise you to take out the appropriate levels of travel insurance so you can have peace of mind that your costs will be covered should you need to cancel your holiday for any reason.


We ask you to adhere to the Countryside Code.  We strongly advise you to not leave any litter around our site including out pathways and any gates should be left as found.


Smoking is not permitted in any of our camping houses/pods, bbq hut, service building or in any communal areas.  We recommend you smoke at the appointed smoking area/s.


Well behaved dogs are allowed on our site but owners must be responsible for them at all times. Animals are not allowed inside the lodge (Main Building) and amenity blocks. Any damage caused by your dog will be chargeable. Dogs should be kept on a leash around the campsite and a maximum of one dog per camping house/pod with an additional charge of £10 per dog. Not all accommodations are available for dogs. It is mandatory that owners must remove and dispose of their dog’s litter.

Non-staying Guests

For those not staying on site and visiting there is a charge of £10 per person regardless of age.  Extra non-staying or staying guests must be reported to reception either by popping in or calling the contact mobile numbers displayed at Eden.


NO under 18s are allowed to stay on site by themselves and must be accompanied by an adult/adults. If a booking is made and staff become aware they are under age we will ask them to leave with no refund.

Children should be supervised at all times and parents/guardians/supervisors are responsible for the children in their care. This applies to the whole site and includes the children’s play area. Under no circumstances are children allowed in the adult only spa area. Children must not be allowed to run around cars, private accommodation and the adult only spa area.


Any damages or breakages or extra cleaning charges on the site to the equipment or the like will be chargeable. Likewise if anything is missing. We reserve the right to charge to the credit/debit card (details given on booking) an additional fee should anything be left in an unsatisfactory condition or if there is any damage to our property. On check in we will require a preauthorised payment from your card of £100 per pod/hut  and £400 for the 3 bedroom chalet.  This is kept in a holding account should we need to take it for damages. It is better for you to use a credit card for the preauthorised payment. Please note we only actually take a payment if there is damage and to the value of the damage caused. The preauthorisation money is kept in a holding account by Worldpay Cardsave and released back into your account after housekeeping has cleaned and inspected your pod and no damage done or excessive cleaning needed. We ask you to respect the effort we have put in to making our site one of the best in Scotland and the UK and to treat it accordingly.


Whilst we clean and maintain our site; guests are expected to leave camping houses/pods/huts in a neat and tidy fashion. The communal area is used by our hair/beauty and day spa clients too and must be kept clean and tidy. No rubbish is to be left in the camping houses/pods/huts/service building. No unused food is to be left in the fridges either in the camping houses/pods/huts, bbq hut and communal areas. Outdoor footwear must be kept clean before entering any of the indoor areas including your accommodation. We have outdoor sinks beside the lodge for this purpose.

Noise and Alcohol Consumption

Please be considerate of other guests and we ask you keep the noise to a minimum after 11pm.  Under no circumstances can amplified music be played outside at any time of the day. Whilst we allow the bringing and moderate consumption of alcohol we prefer you to do this at your own pod and campfire area. We have found that it is hard for guests to keep noise levels to an acceptable level for other site users after the hours of 11pm whilst drinking round camp fires and at picnic tables; therefore we ask that you move inside your pod in consideration of others from 11pm onwards. Under no circumstances should alcohol be left unattended by adults in any area of the site. Loud or offensive noise will NOT be tolerated. We reserve the right to remove any intolerant guests from our site day or night, not adhering to our rules, with NO refund. NO drugs to be brought on site at all or taken except for medical reasons and should not be left unattended.

Complaints Procedure

We take all comments from our guests seriously and in the unlikely event that you wish to make a complaint you can contact us by telephone or email and we will respond. We will try to resolve any issues as soon as possible.


Arrival/Check In is from 2pm to 4.45pm (Mon to Sat) and Sundays from 2pm to 3.45pm. Anyone arriving out with these times must call to arrange. Call 01236 735464 or 07810 176135 or 07771 776911. Departure/Check Out is at 10am prompt on the day of departure. If checking out early please advise us of this. There is a late Check Out option (subject to availability) of £10 per person which allows you to leave up to 11.30am. Late check out (if available) must be paid for at reception and we must be made aware of your late check out prior to reception closing the day before the late check out.

Disposable BBQs

Disposable BBQs are only permitted on site if purchased from our shop and if kept off grass and used safely on stoned areas. They must not be placed on decking or picnic tables. Under no circumstances are they to be brought into pods, huts, tents, service building or any enclosed space. They must not be disposed of in waste bins but in designated disposal point beside reception. We reserve the right to charge to the credit/debit card details given on booking for failure to adhere to this and cause damage to the property or the surrounding grass

Fire Pits

Our huts/pods each have a fire pit and a grill should you wish to use the fire pit as a bbq. Guests must ensure that fires and BBQs are fully out before retiring to their pods/huts. Do not leave your fire unattended. Put the fire to bed before yourself.


Fire points are located around the site. Please familiarise yourself with the nearest point.

Camp fires are not permitted other than in the fire pits provided. All firewood for campfires must be purchased on site. Our baskets of logs and kindling are good value for money and we have a charge for fire pit hire. We have been forced to take these measures due to abuse of firewood rules. Any breach of these rules will result in a charge for fire pits. The site is bounded by protected woodlands (SSSI – Special Site of Scientific Interest) therefore scavenging for wood anywhere on the site is not allowed and wood cutting equipment is strictly prohibited.


Parking is restricted to one space close to your accomodation. Additional cars to be parked at reception car park (before our bridge to reception). Day guests and visitors not staying on site must notify management of their presence.  There is a cost of £10 per visitor (non-staying guests) regardless of age.  Additional overnight parking incurs a charge of £5 per car.

Hot Tub and Sauna Rules

Whilst the hot tub and sauna are locked, under no circumstances should an attempt be made to enter this decked area. Please register or enquire at reception to use these facilities. The maximum numbers of each item must be adhered to. Hot tub at the moment is a maximum of 5 and Sauna a maximum of 3.


Due to restrictions imposed by North Lanarkshire Council for a complete ban on fireworks at Eden we regret that no fireworks are allowed other than handheld sparklers.

Outside Companies/Persons

Those staying at Eden whether individually or as a group must request permission for any outside parties coming to Eden.  There are some things e.g. strippers that we would rather Eden not be associated with as a company.  We are usually accommodating but we ask that you inquire with the management about your plans whilst staying with us.


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Flagrant disregard of site rules shall be reason for removal from the site without refund. We regret we cannot be responsible for loss or damage to personal property. Please notify reception with any comments or concerns.


We may disclose your data to Campstead Limited who on occasion may have to help us in relation to booking software advice and help.

Eden Leisure Village uses TripAdvisor and on occasion MailChimp to help us with reviews, send newsletters and some promotional items.

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